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Firearms Expert Reacts To Destiny 2: Lightfall Guns

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down more of the weaponry of Destiny 2, specifically from its Lightfall Expansion and Season of the Defiance, including the Trust Hand Cannon, the Quicksilver Storm, and the Nameless Midnight.

00:00 – Opening
00:42 – Perpetualis Auto Rifle
01:38 – Round Robin Hand Cannon
02:35 – Senuna SI6 Sidearm
04:26 – Quicksilver Storm Auto Rifle
05:54 – Battle Scar Pulse Rifle
07:33 – Flash and Thunder Grenade Launcher
10:30 – Trust Hand Cannon
12:47 – Coronach-22 Auto Rifle
14:33 – Basso Ostinato Shotgun
15:29 – Deterministic Chaos Machine Gun
17:26 – Nameless Midnight Scout Rifle
18:32 – Ending

In the latest video in the Firearm Expert Reacts series, Jonathan Ferguson–a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries–breaks down the guns of Destiny 2: Lightfall and compares them to their potential real-life counterparts.

Firearms Expert Reacts playlist –

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