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Capcom Spotlight March 2023 Full Presentation

At the most recent Capcom Spotlight, Capcom unveiled info on the hotly anticipated Resident Evil 4 Remake and dropped a surprise demo. Not only that, but updates for Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, Street Fighter 6, Exoprimal’s release date, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, and Resident Evil Death Island were shown off. Capcom will be celebrating its 40th anniversary and also intends to have a digital event to celebrate!

0:00 Introduction
0:29 Mega-man Battle Network Legacy Collection
3:50 Street Fighter 6
8:40 Exoprimal
14:27 Ghost Trick Phantom Detective
18:08 Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
21:51 Resident Evil 4
25:01 Outro

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