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Everything We Know About Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – TEAM NINJA’S CHINESE MYSTICAL SOULS-LIKE

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty was one of the hottest games at EGX 2022, with constant lines and people repeatedly going back for more. Described as Nioh meets Bloodborne, it feels like a more than worthwhile twist on the ever-popular action RPG template.

It’s not long now until the game’s release on March 3rd, so we thought it was about time we rounded up absolutely everything that we know about the game. So sit back and relax as Eurogamer’s Ian Higton tells you all you need to know about Team Ninja’s and Koi Tecmo’s mystical souls-like.

Will you be picking up Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty? Let us know in the comments below.

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0:00 Intro
1:03 Story
1:54 World
2:33 The Five Phases
3:52 Death
4:31 Combat
5:29 Dodging
5:51 Fatal Strikes
6:18 Divine Beasts
7:05 Wizardry Spells
7:31 Morale System
8:58 Multiplayer
9:52 Outro

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