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Cloud Streaming PS5 Games Coming Soon | GameSpot News

PlayStation 5’s 7.0 update will included full Discord integration as well as PS5 game streaming, more details on Skull and Bones’ delay, and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is getting its next patch.
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The PlayStation 5 just got a fresh software update in time for the launch of its upcoming DualSense Edge controller, which launches on January 26 for $200. While this patch will only be a big deal for those looking to pick up that pricey pro device, the PS5’s eventual 7.0 patch will apparently bring massive new functionality for all players.

According to Insider Gaming, the 7.0 patch for PS5 will drop in March, and will have two big features: full Discord integration and PS5 game streaming.

Previously, players looking to use Discord to voice chat on PS5 had to utilize the popular service’s mobile app, but with this 7.0 patch, integration would theoretically work on PlayStation like it now does on Xbox: being able to create and join Discord voice chat right on the console.

The other big feature, streaming PS5 games to your PS5 rather than having to download them and take up space, will be a feature exclusive to premium members of PlayStation Plus and has been in testing for several months according to the same report.

Personally, I’d like the ability to stream my PS5 games via the cloud to every device but my PS5, but this is a step in the right direction at least.

Finally, the report states that a public beta for patch 7.0 will be starting in the coming days and end January 30, but that PS5 players that install it will not have that sweet sweet full Discord integration during that period.

PlayStation 5 players will likely have the 7.0 patch installed on their system long before the release of six-time delayed Skull and Bones comes to the service, which yesterday got another arbitrary release window of sometime after April 1 this year and before April 1 2024, if you can believe it. Following the announcement, we have some additional details on the game’s progress.

According to an Ubisoft spokesperson that spoke with Kotaku, the game itself is complete, and the delay is specifically for polishing and balancing. The report notes that while Ubisoft Singapore remains the lead developer, a “strike team” has been assembled at Ubisoft’s main headquarters in Paris to help get the game over the finish line.

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