Top 12 Sniper Elite 5 Axis Invasion Mode Tips And Tricks – UNLOCK THE GHILLIE SUIT IN RECORD TIME!

Most people play Sniper Elite 5 gameplay to pop Nazi nuts, but with Sniper Elite 5 Axis Invasion Mode gameplay, you can turn the tables on Karl Fairburne and give him a taste of his teste ‘sploding medicine. Join Ian Higton as he tells you his Top 12 Sniper Elite 5 Axis Invasion Mode Tips And Tricks for both Sniper Jagers in training and for people who want to know the best way to bump off those pesky Axis Invaders as quickly as possible! If you want to unlock the Ghillie suit in record time, this is the video to watch!

00:00 – Attacking Intro
01:04 – Dressing for Success
02:27 – Loadouts
05:25 – Pause for Thought
07:01 – Starting Area
07:52 – Be a Detective
08:59 – Eyes on the Prize
10:18 – Tag, They’re It
11:38 – Ears for Fears
13:13 – Phone Zone
14:12 – Defending Intro
14:46 – Urgent Phone Karl
16:18 – Focus Will Focum Up
17:47 – Lures and Traps
19:05 – Outro

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