Visiting Ravenholm In This INCREDIBLE New Half-Life 2 VR Mod Is TERRIFYING! – Ian’s VR Corner

In hindsight, the words “We don’t go to Ravenholm” are very wise indeed. It’s a shame then that Ian Higton paid no attention to them and instead decided to strut his VR stuff right through this terrifying town! In this week’s episode of Ian’s VR Corner, Ian properly freaks out in fear as he takes part in a closed playtest for an upcoming Half-Life 2 VR mod from the Source VR Mod Team. While #HalfLife2 has been playable in VR in the past thanks to some fiddly Garry’s Mod action, this upcoming flat screen to VR mod brings full 6DOF, motion controlled freedom to the game, whilst also taking inspiration from Half-Life: Alyx for its control scheme. Honestly, this VR mod makes the game feel so real, you’ll be forgiven for never going to Ravenholm at all…

You can find out more about this Half-Life 2 mod and when it will be released to the public, right here:

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