V Rising Beginner’s Guide: 7 Early Game Tips

V Rising, the survival-crafting game from Stunlock Studios is rocketing up the Steam charts. If you picked it up and are looking for some early game tips, then here is our beginner’s guide to get you started.

Stunlock Studios’ newest title is V Rising, a survival-crafting game that puts players in the shoes of a vampire who’s looking to rebuild a lost empire. The gameplay is polished and the early access build seems to be fairly stable by all accounts. However, as with any new game, players are somewhat confused as to how to progress in the game. Whether this is through finding a specific material in the world or surviving the elements as a vampire, many players could benefit from a few tips and tricks.

We’ve compiled our top seven tips to navigate the early game of V Rising, from where to find whetstones, how to change blood type, how to make leather, and how to avoid the sun, we’ve got you covered.

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