7 Things We Liked About Saints Row 2022 (and 3 Things We Didn’t) – 24 MINS OF SAINTS ROW 4K GAMEPLAY

Join Ian Higton for. a lenghty look at 24 minutes worth of brand new Saints Row gameplay in this video based on a hands off preview of the game. Watch the chaos of Santo Ileso unfold in Saints Row reboot 4k gameplay as Ian talks about combat, perks, customisation, co-op and much, much more!

Intro – 00:00
Saints Row 2022 Background – 01:21
Best Looking Saints Row Game By Far – 03:06
Open World Worries – 04:38
Still Feels Like Saints Row – 06:05
Not Very Innovative – 06:57
Professor Genki Easter Egg – 07:44
Awesome Over The Top Action – 08:19
Fun Traversal – 10:38
Insane Customisation – 12:24
Mission Structure And Ventures – 16:12
Ventures Worries – 18:49
Untethered Co-op – 19:50
Been There Done All this Already? – 21:25
Outro – 23:14

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