Dead Space Crafting the Tension Showcase With Motive Studio Art Developers

Motive Studios gives you an early look at the current stages of development for Dead Space remake. Creative Director Roman Campos-Oriola and Senior Producer Philippe Ducharme are joined by Art Director Mike Yazijian and special guest Blayne Smith to discuss how the team is rebuilding the game’s art, character models, lighting, and visual effects for today’s generation of platforms and the new Frostbite engine.

Learn more on the following topics in this full showcase:

Creating Immersive Environments – take a detailed deep dive into the environmental art pipeline and process to see how the team focused on crafting a lived-in look on the USG Ishimura to better represent the game’s horror narrative in every environment.

Amplifying Visual Effects – get your first look at the updated VFX, including updates to fog, smoke, and pyrotechnics and how they now react to changing environmental conditions and in-world objects. See how the refined VFX will help intensify the mystery, tension, and immersion for players on today’s platforms.

Elevating Character Models – learn how the team’s art philosophy shaped the redesign and refinement of Isaac’s Engineer Suit to bring it up to date, yet maintain the iconic look of the original. Then get your first layer by layer look at the gruesome updates to the “Slasher” necromorph.

Refining Lighting Effects – discover how the updated lighting fixtures on the Ishimura, real-time lighting effects, and atmospheric elements like volumetric fog contribute to the overall immersive sci-fi survival horror experience and sense of dread on the USG Ishimura.


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