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New PlayStation Plus release dates announced, Borderlands 3 adding full cross-play with PlayStation, and God of War: Ragnarok is still on track.
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Sony has announced release dates for the new version of PlayStation Plus, and it’ll be here soon. In a blog post, Sony said the new PlayStation Plus will debut in Asian markets (but not Japan) starting late May, with a release in Japan, the Americas, and Europe to follow throughout June.

Gearbox Software has now officially announced that Borderlands 3 will soon have full cross-play support across all platforms sometime this spring. With the update, players across PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles, as well as streaming through Stadia, can connect and play together.

Someone on Twitter asked Ragnarok animation director Bruno Velazquez for reassurance that the game is still on track for release in 2022, and Velazquez confirmed, “Ragnarok is coming this year.”

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