Overwatch 2 Alpha Hands-On: Sojourn Abilities, Orisa + Bastion Rework, Push Impressions Feat Stylosa

Overwatch fans Lucy and Tamoor went hands-on with OW2 PvP and chat with their pal Stylosa about the game ahead of the upcoming Overwatch 2 beta. They discuss Sojourn, the Bastion and Orisa rework, as well as their impressions of the new mode, Push. #Overwatch2 #OW2

Check out Stylosa’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/stylosa

Activision Blizzard continues to address allegations from a state of California lawsuit accusing parent company Activision Blizzard of fostering a “frat boy culture” of harassment and discrimination against women. For the latest on what’s happening with regard to the ongoing legal action, take a look at our timeline of events: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/activision-blizzard-lawsuits-and-investigations-timeline-of-events/1100-6494785/

0:00 Introduction
00:38 Overwatch 2 closed alpha impressions
06:19 Sojourn abilities and how she feels to play
12:03 Support hero changes
12:31 Cassidy rework
13:29 Doomfist rework
15:50 Orisa rework
17:11 Bastion rework
18:40 Push mode impressions
21:54 Should this be called Overwatch 2?

With the news that Overwatch 2 PvP is to be ‘de-coupled’ from PvE, Blizzard also announced that a closed beta for Overwatch 2 was in the works. GameSpot Overwatch fans Lucy and Tamoor played the closed alpha for a number of hours and roped in their pal and Overwatch content creator Stylosa to chat about the big changes coming to the game.

First off the bat come the additions to the game, like new hero Sojourn, her abilities, and where she sits in the Overwatch damage heroes pool. Also discussed is the new mode Push, and whether or not it needs some tweaks before the game is launched, lest it goes the way of the 2cp game mode. The trio also discuss the changes Blizzard is making to heroes. Orisa, Bastion, and Doomfist have seen significant reworks, and other characters such as Cassidy have seen seemingly small, but meaningful changes. While there’s no word on an Overwatch 2 release date just yet, the closed beta kicks off on April 26.

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