Evil Dead: The Game Captures The Horror And Humor Of Chainsawing Deadites

We played about an hour of Evil Dead: The Game with the developers recently and got a first-hand sense of how the game is balanced to capture the same feel of the movies and TV show–that the humans will kick Deadite ass, and that the Kandarian demon is an ancient force of frightening power. Both the human team, led by Bruce Cambell’s iconic Ash Williams, and the demon Deadites are powerful but in very different ways, which creates an interesting challenge for turning the franchise into an asymetrical multiplayer horror game in Evil Dead: The Game. That fact led Evil Dead: The Game developer Saber Interactive to find a different way to balance its game; it still sees a group of four players facing off a horror controlled by a fifth, but both sides are active in different ways and putting up a serious fight.

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