Saints Row Ultimate Customization Showcase (4K)

Get full lowdown on all things customization in Saints Row.

The developers at Volition bring you the most customizable Saints Row experience to date, and they are showing you an extended look at all the many customization options. This includes customizations for your Boss, your vehicles, favorite weaponry, the Saints HQ, and even the city itself. You can even tweak the treads of your trusty recruits and friends. Even socks are back!

We couldn’t hold this in any longer, so sit back, enjoy, and go nuts planning your best life in Santo Ileso.

#SaintsRow #BeYourOwnBoss

0:00 Intro
1:44 Saints Row Customization Trailer
8:02 Facial Customizations
9:52 Clothing and Body Customizations
12:49 Car Customizations
16:11 Weapon Customizations
22:40 Outro

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