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Sony Is Also Planning An In-Game Ads Program Similar To Xbox, God Of War Ragnarok Dev Gives An Update, PS5 Users Can Now Update Their DualSense Controller On PC and COD: Warzone Update Addresses Battle Pass Issues.
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God of War: Ragnarok’s Cory Barlog has provided an update on the upcoming PlayStation game and said, “We haven’t said a lot about this. That’s because everybody is heads-down, hard at work. Today, April 20, is the fourth anniversary of 2018’s God of War. The game sold more than 19.5 million copies

According to a new report, Sony has begun working on a plan to place ads inside of PlayStation games through a software developer program. Sony’s plan is similar to the one that Microsoft has reportedly begun development on, which is also working on methods for inserting ads in Xbox games.The goal of the project is for ads to look like they’ve been organically inserted into a game, much like a digital billboard in a sports stadium.

Raven Software has released a new update to resolve an issue with battle pass progression in Warzone Season 2. Additionally, Raven Software announced Warzone players will get properly compensated if they log in before Season 2 ends. To further appease the community, the developer also announced that all players who log in during Season 2 will receive two 1-hour Double Battle Pass XP Tokens.

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