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No Man’s Sky is getting a big update titled Outlaws, Battlefield 2042 will receive its 4.0 update next week and PS5 gets a new firmware update. 
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No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has announced the next update for the game, called Outlaws. Launching on April 14, Outlaws will focus on the game’s underworld and also includes a number of significant upgrades throughout No Man’s Sky. You’ll be able to visit outlaw space stations and star systems that have been overtaken by criminal elements, which creates an opportunity for you to earn some extra credits.

Battlefield 2042’s 4.0 is coming next week and has 400+ changes, including bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements, among other things, according to a Twitter thread shared by DICE’s Kevin Johnson. The full patch notes are coming early next week ahead of the patch’s release. An official release date for the patch hasn’t been revealed just yet.

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