Halo Infinite Forge Delay Explained, Campaign Co-op Still Missing | GameSpot News

343 Industries share new details about Halo Infinite Season 2: Lone Wolves and explain the lengthy delay or Forge. 
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In the new season, which launches May 3, 343 is adding new maps: Catalyst and Breaker. The new season will also feature multiplayer announcer Jeff Steitzer’s voice for medals that players earn. The existing multiplayer announcer will remain in place for everything else.

Developer 343 Industries has now explained the delay of Forge a little more. In a blog post the dev said, “It broke our hearts to not be able to launch Forge alongside the rest of Infinite but to ensure it meets the bar we’re setting for it to achieve, this massive overhaul to Forge in Infinite just wasn’t able to make it out before the end of last year”.

A sequel to Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge is coming this year. 31 years after LeChuck’s Revenge launched in 1991 comes Return to Monkey Island, and director Ron Gilbert is returning for the long-awaited game.

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