Diablo 4 NEW Environmental Gameplay Showcase

In this latest Diablo IV Quarterly update we get a glimpse of a few different locations in the game. This includes the 3 locations: the Scosglen Coast, Orbei Monastery, and Kyovoshad.

0:00 Kyovoshad
1:01 Orbei Monastery
2:23 Scosglen Coast
3:26 Scosglen Coast Ambience Audio
5:31 Scosglen Rain Ambience Audio

With the Scosglen coast the Environment Art team set out to tell the story of untamed, wild shorelines and headlands. For The Orbei Monastery is an isolated and secretive feature in the rural Dry Steppes, and with Kyovoshad the team really wanted to drive home the idea that this medieval settlement feels oppressive, frigid, and harsh. With the Forgotten Places in the world this dungeon tile-set is an example of how we have ‘returned to darkness.’

For Scosglen coast there are main settlements along the coast, it is important to us that they feel woven deep into the fabric of the coastline. Dwellings with deep-rooted foundations skirt the clifftops. In a futile attempt to withstand the harsh elements, these structures are comprised of whatever materials the locals could lay their hands on and are in various forms of disrepair. Stone walls, salvaged wood, and thatch for the roofs. A place of consolation for the brave fishermen that trawl these treacherous seas.

Like many of the buildings in Sanctuary, the Orbei Monastery is in a state of dilapidation. It is a goal of ours to visually communicate that whilst this place is in the early stages of ruin, it was once a prominent base of learning for the Zakarum monks. Compared to the native architecture in the Dry Steppes, the Zakarum architecture is more distinct and refined. These structures are adorned with ornate details, and often accompanied by elaborate statuary. Chaz will elaborate more on the interesting relics that can be found on the Zakarum estates.

We can see a large portion of the southern end of Kyovoshad, which contains the simplest of shelters. Some clinging to the town walls overlooking the glacial flow beneath. When you happen upon this area, we want you to draw similarities with slum-type encampments where densely packed living quarters are in abundance. The interactives team has done a fantastic job of really driving home that narrative with their culture pass.

The environments of Diablo IV cover a lot of the various areas and visuals of the game including: five distinct regions and hundreds of dungeons that you will experience. This is where all the monster-slaying, loot gathering, and exploration happens. This is all made possible by the collective efforts of our talented designers, worldbuilders, engineers, environment artists, lighting artists, and technical artists.


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