21 Ways To Windbomb In Breath of the Wild

Bomb Impact Launches, or Windbombs, are one of the most useful tricks in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Here are 21 ways to do them, and propel yourself around the map.

Since its discovery by Satougashi back in September 2019, Windbombing has only gotten more complex over time. As people keep finding new ways to do this trick, the roster of windbomb types keeps expanding. Such as simple Fronthop Windbombs and Turn Windbombs, to Daruk’s Vertical Windbomb which requires precise timing, the discoveries seem endless.

0:00 Intro
0:22 Windbomb Explanation
0:52 Fronthop Windbomb
1:09 Daruk’s Fronthop Windbomb
1:34 Vertical Windbomb
1:44 Daruk’s Vertical Windbomb
2:00 Turn Windbomb
2:13 Aiming Windbomb
2:30 Delayed Windbomb
2:45 Midair Windbomb
2:54 Midair Linear Windbomb
3:03 Spider Windbomb
3:13 Bomb Arrow Windbomb
3:20 Bomb Arrow SBR Windbomb
3:27 Backflip Windbomb
3:41 Horse/Cycle Windbomb
3:48 Running Windbomb
3:53 Walking Windbomb
3:59 Cryonis Windbomb
4:13 Updraft Windbomb
4:18 Jelly Bounce Windbomb
4:22 Shield Block Reset Windbomb
4:29 Shield Jump Cancel Windbomb
4:40 Outro

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