Ghostwire Tokyo – Everything To Know

Ghostwire Tokyo is a new IP from The Evil Within studio Tango Gameworks. However, unlike the third-person survival horror of those games, Ghostwire Tokyo is something we rarely see, a Japanese-developed first-person shooter. So lets break down everything you need to know about the latest game from Tango Gameworks, Ghostwire Tokyo.

The game places you into the shoes of a young student in Tokyo named Atiko Izuki, who wakes up after being hit by a car. After, Izuki is saved by KK, not to the singing dog from Animal Crossing, but a mysterious spirit who merges with Izuki a la Shadow of Mordor, giving Izuki new supernatural abilities. This ultimately proves to be incredibly helpful given that nearly all of Tokyo’s residents have mysteriously disappeared, and dark spirits now roam the streets, looking to take down anyone who might still be left.

0:00 – Intro
0:24 – Story
2:08 – Gameplay
3:28 – Movement
3:40 – Combat
5:53 – Developers
7:12 – Outro

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