How to get Every Ending in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has more potential endings than any previous FromSoftware game, with 6 potential endings. There’s also 3 achievements related to different Elden Ring Endings. In this guide, Dave will take you through how to unlock each one, and how you could mess them up. He’ll cover the various Elden Lord endings: Age of Fracture, Age of Duskborn, Blessing of Despair, and Age of Order. As well as Lord of the Frenzied Flame and Age of the Stars.

Additionally, Dave will help you unlock yourself out of the Lord of the Frenzied Flame ending, once you’ve gone down that path. So, here’s a guide and walkthrough on the many endings of Elden Ring.

0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Elden Lord Age of Fracture
1:10 – Elden Lord Age of Duskborn
3:41 – Elden Lord Blessing of Despair
5:42 – Elden Lord Age of Order
8:13 – Age of the Stars
10:46 – Lord of the Frenzied Flame
12:28 – Undoing Lord of the Frenzied Flame
17:21 – Conclusion

The various endings will require you to go through the quest lines of various NPCs – including the likes of the big 5 from the intro cutscene – Dung Eater, Goldmask, and Deathbed Companion Fia play pivotal roles in alternate endings, while Hoarah Loux and Sir Gideon Ofnir relate to the main story. Meanwhile, Ranni plays a major role in yet another potential ending, plus Shabriri and the Three Fingers. What will you choose?

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