Ghostwire: Tokyo – High Hopes After The First 5 Hours

We’ve gotten to play the first two chapters of Ghostwire: Tokyo, and are excited at the promise the game shows.

Jean-Luc’s time with the game clarified a lot of what exactly Ghostwire: Tokyo is. In many ways the game is building off of the open world foundation found in developer Tango Gameworks previous game, The Evil Within 2. There’s plenty to do in the empty streets of Shibyua with side quests take on, shops to buy from, and collectable to find. The combat, while simple, is increiabley satisfying

Based on his experience, Jean-Luc greatly enjoyed Ghostwire: Tokyo and has high hopes for it as long as it can maintain this level of quality for the rest of the game. Our preview build of the game is running on the PlayStation 5 and the footage you are seeing is in performance mode.


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