Ghostwire: Tokyo – 8 Minutes of Open World PS5 Performance Mode Gameplay

Check out gameplay of Ghostwire: Tokyo, running the PlayStation 5 in performance mode.

In this video we give you a small sample of what Ghostwire has to offer. An open world Shibuya to run around in? Check. Cat Yokai who’ve taken over all the local convenience stores. You know it! And for you dog lovers, not only are there plenty of Shiba to pet, but if you give them food they’ll dig up a reward for you.

We also show off the game’s spirit finger gun combat, which has you blasting your jutsu at the many evil spirts that have invaded the city. It may be a little simple, but thanks to the slick animations, it’s also very satisfying.

Ghostwire: Toyko hits PlayStation 5 and PC on March 25, 2022.

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