Firearms Expert Breaks Down Different Weapon Attachments – Loadout Bonus Chat

From scopes and suppressors to foregrips and drum magazines, our favourite shooters love to let us customise our firearms. In this episode, Keeper of Firearms & Artillery Jonathan Ferguson breaks down a variety of weapon attachments and compares them to their virtual counterparts.

00:00 – Opening
00:58 – Heavy Barrels 
02:24 – Underslung Grenade Launchers
03:56 – Extended Magazines
05:59 – Red Dot Sights & Rail Systems
07:35 – Weight Issues with Attachments
09:21 – Accuracy vs. Gameplay choice
10:55 – Ending

In this episode of Loadout, Dave Jewitt visits the Royal Armouries to talk to Keeper of Firearms & Artillery Jonathan Ferguson about weapon attachments and how they’re portrayed within our video games.

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