Elden Ring – 10 MORE Things You Didn’t Know

Elden Ring is absolutely filled with hidden secrets and obscure details. From NPC questlines you’ll have to track and can easily mess up, to illusory walls with hidden items and enemies, and even obscure mechanics you can easily miss. Today, Dave goes over Seluvis’ secret in front of Ranni’s Rise, a major illusory wall, and horseback meachnics on Torrent. Here are 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Elden Ring

00:13 – Seluvis’ Secret
01:13 – Black Knife’s Illusory Wall
02:30 – Farming the Big Boy Dragon
04:19 – Torrent-back Fighting
05:05 – Double-attacks while on Torrent
05:58 – Spiritsprings? More like Spiritwells!
06:35 – Torrent and status effects
07:15 – Do not roll in poison
07:58 – That annoying glinting item in the Stranded Graveyard
09:18 – Those statues with glints in them


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