Elden Ring: Every Sacred Tear Location Guide

Sacred Tears are among the most important items in Elden Ring, allowing you to upgrade your Flasks of Crimson and Cerulean Tears. Here’s where to find every Sacred Tear in Elden Ring. #EldenRing

0:00 – Intro
0:33 – 1. Church of Pilgrimage, Weeping Peninsula
0:59 – 2. Fourth Church of Marika, Weeping Peninsula
1:28 – 3. Callu Baptismal Church, Weeping Peninsula
2:06 – 4. Third Church of Marika, Mistwood
2:43 – 5. Church of Irith, Liurnia of the Lakes
3:13 – 6. Bellum Church, Liurnia of the Lakes
3:27 – 7. Church of Inhibition, Liurnia of the Lakes
4:12 – 8. Church of the Plague, Caelid
4:44 – 9. Second Church of Marika, Altus Plateau
5:10 – 10. Stormcaller Church, Altus Plateau
5:56 – 11. First Church of Marika, Mountaintops of the Giants
6:30 – 12. Church of Repose, Mountaintops of the Giants
7:24 – Conclusion

Elden Ring Sacred Tears are among the most important items in the game. These are how you’ll upgrade your Flasks of Crimson and Cerulean Tears, and as you’d expect from such useful items, you won’t find them growing on trees. Sacred Tears are less random and are found in churches, though actually reaching some of these abandoned holy places is often more difficult than searching high and low for Seeds.

Sacred Tears are much rarer than Golden Seeds and increase how much HP or FP your Flasks restore with each use. They’re exceptionally useful as you increase your Vigor and Mind stats, and you can get several early in the game. Sacred Tears are found in churches, though not every church has one. In this video, we show the locations and how to reach each Sacred Tear we’ve found.

If you want to know more about the game, check out Tamoor Hussain’s Elden Ring review in progress. He gave it a 10/10 saying, “From Software’s latest is a masterpiece of open-world design that places exploration and player agency at the heart of the experience.”

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