13 Necromorphs We Can’t Wait To Stomp On In The Dead Space Remake

We’ve only seen a tiny glimpse of the Dead Space Remake trailer so far, but that hasn’t stopped Dead Space fan Ian Higton getting excited about all the stomping he’s going to do! Isaac Clarke is well known for the way he stamps Dead Space Necromorphs into the ground in Dead Space Xbox 360 gameplay but exactly what kinds of ‘orrible space beasts will he be crushing in the Dead Space Remake gameplay? Find out at Ian talks about the 13 Necromorphs he can’t wait to stomp on in the Dead Space Remake and gives you tips on how to deal with them, plus some information about necromorphs that were cut from the original game but may end up being added for the Dead Space remake! WARNING – While all boss fights and some suprise enemies are avoided, some of the Necromorphs in here could be considered spoilers for events in the game!

00:00 – Intro and spoiler warning
01:32 – Slashers
03:15 – Twitcher
05:03 – Exploder
06:33 – Pregnant
07:53 – Swarmer
08:42 – Lurker
09:52 – Divider
11:15 – Leaper
12:15 – Infector
13:30 – Guardian
14:25 – Wheezer
15:20 – Commander
16:22 – Swinger
17:35 – Like and Subscribe, you lovely lot!

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