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Elden Ring might get colosseum based DLC, Halo Infinite Co-Op gets delayed again, and Forspoken delayed to October. 

Recently, several modders have finally found their way past the locked doors and explored these restricted locations. Videos like this one from YouTuber Garden of Eyes show that these buildings are far from empty and may not have just been cut content. In fact, each area’s level of detail has led many to speculate about what these colosseums could be used for. Some guesses across social media include: challenges, special boss fights, and a PvP arena.

The news comes via a new Halo Infinite development update, where developer 343 Industries has broken down current high-priority issues affecting the game, what fans can expect in Season 2, and updates on co-op and Forge. Clever fans did find a way to glitch their way into Halo Infinite co-op shortly after the game’s launch, even if doing so risked corrupting the game’s save data and it was more than a little buggy.

Square Enix and Luminous Productions announced that Forspoken has been delayed to October 11. It was originally set to launch on May 25. Forspoken follows a young woman named Frey Holland from New York City who is transported to Athia, a mystical and fantastical world where she must find her way home. Forspoken’s original release date of May 25 was revealed during The Game Awards back in December.

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