Everything We Want in a Bioshock Movie

It looks like someone new has decided to dive into the world of Rapture, as Netflix recently announced an upcoming film adaptation of the seminal game Bioshock to release sometime in the near future. If that sounds all-too familiar, that’s because it should. Since Bioshock’s groundbreaking release in 2007, studios have been trying to bring that same success to the big screen. Sadly, as it never came to be…so would you kindly join us as we go over the failed history of the Bioshock film franchise and what we want to see in Netflix’s upcoming adaptation.

0:00 – Intro
1:07 – Movie History
4:51 – 1: Political Themes
6:52 – 2: Revamped Story
8:15 – 3: An Artist’s Vision
9:26 – 4: Armin Shimerman Cameo
10:15 – 5: Strong Art Direction
10:58 – 6: Big Daddies
11:42 – 7: A Mind-Blowing Experience
12:24 – 8: Game Connections
13:52 – Outro


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