Steam Deck Review

The Steam Deck delivers on its promise of high-performance mobile gaming with impressive game performance and an intelligent hardware design.

With cutting-edge hardware, thoughtfully designed ergonomics, a satisfying controller layout, and a software layer that simplifies PC gaming, the Steam Deck makes it a breeze to link to your Steam account and get started with your library on the go. Better yet, it comes in at a reasonable price, starting at $400 and reaching only $650 for its highest-tier model–essentially half the price of its closest competitors. While that alone is impressive, it’s in how well the Steam Deck performs that it becomes clear that it doesn’t have much competition at all. With its AMD Zen 2 and RDNA 2 APU, it’s head-and-shoulders above the Intel XE and Radeon Vega-powered portable gaming devices that made it to market first, creating a situation where you shouldn’t really be looking at an alternative if you can get your hands on a Steam Deck. 

The Steam Deck is now available You can read the full written Steam Deck review by Alessandro Barbosa on GameSpot.

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