Horizon Forbidden West: What Does A Zelda: BOTW Expert Think?

The open world format is constantly getting new entries and sequels, so how does Guerilla Games newest sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, hold up against Breath of the Wild?

While these are two vastly different games, they share some similarities and some interesting design choices that caught our attention while playing. Things such as climbing, gliding, combat, the open world and tower system, have key differences that make each game unique.

00:00 – Intro
00:37 – Open World
01:38 – Climbing
02:31 – Gliding
03:23 – Towers
04:05 – Conversations
04:39 – Advanced Combat
05:12 – General Combat
06:23 – Graphics
07:16 – Spoiler Equipment
08:27 – Outro

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