Horizon Forbidden West Ending Explained


Horizon Forbidden West’s massive story line may leave you with some questions. Join Lucy James as she explains the game’s ending, as well as what the future may hold for the next Horizon title.

Five years and one DLC later, Horizon Forbidden West has arrived along with its massive follow up story. If you’re feeling a little behind after your journey through the Forbidden West, fear not. Lucy James is here to break down the ending and even discuss what may happen next.

Even after an incredibly vast story, Horizon Forbidden West has loose ends involving everything from main characters, to the future world Aloy and company fought to save. The sentient program “Nemesis” is still active despite its creator’s (the Far Zenith) absence. The far Zenith lost their chance to rule the forbidden west, and doing so leave Aloy and crew to fix Gaia AND implement Elizabet Sobek’s plan to restart society on earth as it once was. Sylens is seen ready to leave earth and start anew on an all new terraformed planet, but at the last minute changes his mind. Despite this game coming to a happy close, the fight for earth is far from over. Make sure to check out GameSpot’s review of Horizon Forbidden West as well as our story recap and combat tips videos. Horizon is available now on PS4 and PS5.


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