21 Horizon Forbidden West Advanced Tips – HORIZON FORBIDDEN WEST NEW PS5 GAMEPLAY

Are you hours into #HorizonForbiddenWest? If the answer is yes and you need some more advanced tips, Zoe Delahunty-Light has you covered! This Horizon Forbidden West advanced tips video is full of tricks she learnt from over 90 hours playing the game, as well as some slight cheeses that can help stealth builds stay alive for longer. This video is full of brand new Horizon Forbidden West PS5 gameplay in 60fps and if you want you can also take a look at Zoe’s Horizon Forbidden West review or her other video on Horizon Forbidden West tips! #Eurogamer

00:00 – Hello Folks 🙂
00:52 – ABR
01:43 – Slitherfang Tactics
02:23 – Stalker Tactics
02:51 – Rockbreaker Tactics
04:02 – Boosted Machines
04:36 – Underwater Fast Travel
05:11 – Invisible Valor Surge
06:05 – Amber !
06:30 – Invincible Trick
06:51 – More Gun
07:09 – Legendary Armor
07:28 – Best Stealth Weapon
08:04 – Crows Nests
08:45 – Splitting Spike
09:16 – Difficulty
09:42 – Headshots n Helmets
10:07 – Climbing Trick
10:29 – Warrior Bows
10:50 – Early Legendary Armor
11:01 – Plasma Explained

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