How Games Get Miniguns Wrong – Loadout

Whenever a game or movie needs to dial up the action, the roar of the Minigun is there, whether it’s mounted to a Battlefield helicopter or clutched in the arms of a T-800 Terminator. From Call of Duty set-pieces to Predator-hunting mercenaries, it’s a must-have for any larger-than-life action hero, so with its colossal reputation and a history spanning centuries, why do movies and video games keep getting the spinning maw of the Minigun so wrong? (Presented by PUBG MOBILE)

In this episode of Loadout, Dave Jewitt visits the Royal Armouries to talk to Keeper of Firearms & Artillery Jonathan Ferguson to discover the surprising origins of the M134 Minigun, and see why it’s one of the least well-represented guns in pop culture history.

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