Horizon Forbidden West Review (Spoiler Free) – HORIZON FORBIDDEN WEST 60FPS PS5 GAMEPLAY

Zoe Delahunty-Light has spent over a staggering 70 hours with #HorizonForbiddenWest and after making all those #HorizonZeroDawn lore videos, what does she think of Aloy’s newest adventure? Find out in Zoe’s spoiler free Horizon Forbidden West review which is absolutely stuffed full of Horizon Forbidden West new PS5 gameplay in all its 60fps glory. If you’re wondering whether to pick the game up or not, Zoe’s Horizon Forbidden West reaction will guide you through whether it’s the sequel fans expected, and having completed the main questline, done a ton of upgrades, and explored the entire map Zoe has all of the expertise needed to let you know whether Horizon Forbidden West is worth playing!

00:00 – Here We Go
00:35 – Aloy’s Growth
01:43 – UI Refresh
02:44 – Wow There’s A Lot To Do
03:55 – New Abilities
05:17 – Combat
07:40 – Character Animations
08:35 – Story
09:18 – The World
10:36 – Issues
12:18 – Thanks For Watching 🙂

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