Dead Activision Franchises Xbox Could Bring Back

Microsoft is bound to acquire Activision and its 43 year legacy, and with it, some dormant franchises Xbox could potentially resurrect.

It’s easy to see Activision for what it is now, with Call of Duty and everything Blizzard. But Activision’s impact on this industry is deeply rooted in seminal franchises that helped shape the interactive medium.

CEO of Microsoft Gaming Phil Spencer recently expressed interest in going through Activision’s deep catalog of franchises in hopes to give some of them new life. Activision is the parent company of industry giants like Sierra Entertainment, pioneers in the adventure genre with games like King’s Quest and Phantasmagoria. There’s also Radical Entertainment, the developers behind Prototype and The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. And before Raven Software was a support studio for Call of Duty, they created the iconic Hexen series and the cult-classic Singularity. All these franchises have been dormant for years, some decades.

In the above video, Kurt Indovina details Activision’s long lineage of classic games that Xbox could potentially rise from the grave.

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