15 New Things You Need To Know About Ghostwire Tokyo

Zoe Delahunty-Light got a peek at the latest gameplay demo of #GhostwireTokyo and there are a whole lot of new things she discovered about the game! From who that mysterious voice in your head is, to who you’ll be playing, to what the combat is like, these are all the biggest things you need to know about the Ghostwire Tokyo gameplay.

00:00 – Let’s Get Started
00:36 – Meet Akito
01:10 – Japanese Voice Acting
01:26 – Who Is KK?
02:04 – Hannya
02:37 – The Visitors
04:03 – Ethereal Weaving
05:13 – Watch Out For Barriers
05:40 – Things Get Surreal…
06:13 – Action-Focused Combat
06:40 – Spectral Vision
06:51 – Yokai Friends!!
07:24 – Using Your Katashiro
08:00 – Cleansing Shrines
08:24 – Spirits 101
09:08 – Reading Animal Thoughts?!
09:39 – i like the scissor lady 🙂

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