Pokémon Legends: Arceus – Space-Time Distortion Event Gameplay

The Space Time Distortion is a random event that can occur in the Hisui region at any time and brings with strong Pokémon and valuable items. In this video we have over 8 minutes of catching, dodging, and battling a bunch of different Pokémon while doing our best to keep our team from fainting!

Pokémon: Legends Arceus is out now, and we’ve got some sick gameplay showing off one of the more interesting parts of the Hisui region: the random and rare Space-Time Distortion mini-event. In this video, we’re going to show over 8 minutes of gameplay of us going into these distortion fields and engaging with several powerful Pokémon.

The game has vast open areas where wild Pokémon will roam, but if you linger in a region long enough, a notification will appear that a Space-Time Distortion field is nearby. There’s not a lot of information explaining why these fields occur, but if you explore one of them, you’ll quickly notice a lot of powerful and, at times, aggressive Pokémon appearing.

The distortion field shows dangerous Pokémon, but there are plenty of rare items on the ground, too, like Nuggets or even evolution items like the Electirizer. You’ll also notice two clips: the first is our original experience with the field where we didn’t know what to expect. The second half of the video is in the distortion field with a stronger team, which means more successful battles and catches!

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