Horizon Zero Dawn Story Explained Part 3: Deep Lore Only The Biggest Fans Know – THE ODYSSEY & MORE

Zoe Delahunty-Light is back and this time it’s with her favourite #HorizonZeroDawn lore! These niche bits of lore from the game will keep the brain of yours ticking over and give an extra bit of depth to all the Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay doubtless running through your head, from The Odyssey to why there aren’t many real-life animals in the game. So if you’re eager to play #HorizonForbiddenWest this video will make sure you don’t miss the tiniest of reference to the lore of Zero Dawn, so what are you waiting for, Seeker? Get watching! #Eurogamer

00:00 – Get Cosy Snd Settle In
00:39 – The Odyssey
05:18 – The Turing Act
07:39 – Lightkeeper Protocol
08:50 – Why Animal Machines?
10:08 – Where Are The Real Animals?
12:00 – The Metal Flowers
13:14 – Surprising Carja Origins
14:26 – Thanks For Watching!

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