16 New Things You Need To Know About Horizon Forbidden West:HORIZON FORBIDDEN WEST TRAILER BREAKDOWN

A new #HorizonForbiddenWest trailer is out and you know what that means: Horizon Zero Dawn devotee Zoe Delahunty-Light has picked it apart for your enjoyment. After sitting down with Ben McCaw and Annie Kitain, writers for Horizon Forbidden West gameplay, Zoe has 16 things you need to know about the game, from who the futuristic Tilda is and what she’s up to to the Horizon Forbidden West machines and, above all, Zoe’s Horizon Forbidden West trailer reaction! #Eurogamer

00:00 – Let’s Tear Into It
00:55 – GAIA Is Back?!
02:00 – Who Is Tilda?
03:41 – New Companions
06:23 – Dialogue Options
06:29 – Meet Regalla
07:03 – New Tribe
07:31 – The Odyssey
08:12 – Time Jump?
08:25 – Shield Weaver Armour
08:38 – Aloy Is Feeling The Pressure
09:42 – Choices
10:00 – Queer Characters
10:46 – Living Up To Zero Dawn
11:34 – The Tenakth
12:12 – Talanah Returns
12:45 – Until Next Time!

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