New Resident Evil 3 Remake VR Mod Gameplay Part Two – CARLOS AND THE SEWERS! – Ian’s VR Corner

Praydog’s phenomenal Flatscreen to VR mods for the Resident Evil Remakes have now been released into the public domain and on this week’s VR Corner, Ian Higton will be becoming Jill Valentine as he plays through the second part of Resident Evil 3 VR gameplay! Join Ian on a yelp-filled journey of survival as he dodges sewer monsters, the Nemesis’ rockets and Carlos’ curly mop-top as he plays the Resident Evil 3 Remake VR mod on the Oculus Rift S. This Resi 3 VR mod brings first person gameplay and motion controls to Resident Evil 3 Remake in a jaw dropping example of how fan made VR mods can show us the future of gaming!

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