God of War PS5 Vs PC Ultra Settings Graphics Comparison

God of War is the latest Sony title to get a PC port, so let’s see how it compares to its console counterpart.

For the PlayStation version we are running it on a PS5 with the upgraded “enhanced performance” patch that runs the game at 60fps with a 4K checkerboard resolution. Meanwhile we have the PC version running on maxed out “ultra” settings at a native 4K resolution.

The PC version does offer a small but decent number of improvements such as increased texture quality and dynamic fog. However, these can be pretty subtle. You will notice a major difference in shadows, which can change some scenes quite dramatically. Also, you will notice a difference in color, however that has more to do with how these games were captured on different devices and is not indicative of any real difference between the two versions.

Check out some Ultrawide gameplay here: https://youtu.be/5hkK2A8i6hM


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