Horizon Zero Dawn Story Explained Part 1: Project Zero Dawn And How Humanity Went Extinct

#HorizonZeroDawn has one hell of a backstory, and Zoe Delahunty-Light is here to tell you all about it. Starting from the events that led up to the Zero Dawn Project and covering the Faro Plague, GAIA’s work, and Aloy’s birth, this Horizon Zero Dawn story recap is in depth and will make sure you know everything you need to know if you’re thinking of playing #HorizonForbiddenWest. Stuffed full of Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 gameplay, cutscenes, and explanations of all the nitty gritty details, this is a video for true lore fiends just like Zoe. Have at it, seeker.

00:00 – So You Want To Know How Humanity Got Doomed, Huh?
00:53 – Where It All Began
01:54 – The Clawback Begins
03:05 – Ted Faro Enters The Automated Military Market
03:31 – The Chariot Line Is Created (Uh Oh)
07:42 – The Hartz-Timor Energy Combine Swarm
08:55 – Faro Calls Sobeck
10:19 – Sobeck Creates The Zero Dawn Project
10:57 – GAIA 101
13:40 – The Alpha Designers
15:15 – Project Enduring Victory
16:24 – Zero Day Explained
17:54 – Evacuating GAIA Prime
18:43 – Faro’s Descent
20:12 – Everything Goes Wrong
21:20 – Faro’s Decision
22:34 – Zero Dawn Keeps On Truckin’
23:08 – Humans Be Humanin’
24:49 – Tribes Are Born
26:12 – Everything Goes Wrong (Again)
27:57 – Rost And The Nora
29:17 – GAIA’s Last Hope
31:06 – Farewell Until Part Two…

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