Monster Hunter Rise – PC vs. Switch Graphics Comparison

With Monster Hunter Rise coming to PC, we put the original Switch version head-to-head with the new PC port to see the graphics differences.

Last year’s Nintendo Switch exclusive Monster Hunter Rise is making its way to PC. We got early access to the game so we’ve put together a side by side comparison. The PC version is running at 1440p on max settings, although I kept motion blur and depth of field off. Don’t expect any drastic improvements when it comes to visuals, it really just looks like a sharper, cleaner version of what we have on Switch. Although one major annoyance is the prominent shadow dithering on the Switch version is still here on PC and its way more bothersome here. Maybe that can be fixed in the future. If you enjoy this video, why not give us a like and sub if you already haven’t, and thanks for watching.


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