The Secret To A Happy Life From Playing Games

Since the 1970s the idea of Flow, or feeling ‘in the zone’, has been believed by some to be the secret to a happy life. From Tetris Effect to Doom Eternal, many video games are particularly good at getting players into a Flow state, so could understanding Flow be the key to feeling as happy as possible from playing games?

Whether it’s Tetris Effect, Super Monkey Ball or Doom Eternal, many different video games give players the feeling of being ‘in the zone’ while playing or, as psychologists call it, Flow.

Flow is a psychological state that gives people a sense of energized focus, and is familiar to many people who play video games. According to some psychologists, people with more ‘Flow’ in their lives will live happier lives because of it, so can video games that put people into a state of Flow help players lead happier lives?

Alexander Kriss, psychotherapist and author of ‘The Gaming Mind’, helps explain why Flow could be the secret to happiness, why some games might be better than others for inducing Flow, and the potential psychological benefits of getting in the zone while playing games.

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