Arashi: Castles of Sin Gameplay Is Doggone Fun, If A Little Ruff Around The Edges – Ian’s VR Corner

Arashi: Castles of Sin gameplay is basically Tenchu Stealth Assassins VR but with the added bonus of having a wonderfully fluffy dog by your side at all times. Join Ian Higton in this week’s VR Corner as he tries out Arashi: Castles of Sin PSVR gameplay for the very first time. He’ll be joined by the goodest doggo ever, Haru…I mean Dave… as they try to infiltrate a Castle of Sin and defeat the general living there. Will this Arashi: Castles of Sin review of the first 90 minutes of gameplay convince you to get the game? Well, you’d be barking mad not to have a little look to find out – a beautiful woofer awaits!

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