9 Reasons Battlefield 3 Was The Best

Battlefield 3 smartly combined Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 2, leading to some of the best maps, balance, DLC, and memories from the series. Let’s look at exactly why many of you feel Battlefield 3 was the best Battlefield.

Battlefield 3 is considered by many to be the peak of the Battlefield series. Battlefield 3 came out in 2011, a year after Bad Company 2, and smartly combined the meandering Rush-focused maps of that game with the wide-open Conquest expanses of Battlefield 2. It was both a love letter to the series as well as a compromise between these two audiences and it largely worked. For many fans of Battlefield 3, the series declined after that point by adding too many weapons and gadgets, watering down the class system, reducing destruction, and going back to previous time periods. 

In this video, we are going to look at what exactly made Battlefield 3 so good, including memorable maps with a strong sense of identity, just enough guns, well-balanced classes, visual leaps in technology, destruction, DLC, campaign, co-op, and more. Battlefield 3 had strong post-launch content with some of the strongest Battlefield maps of all time like Wake Island in the Karkand DLC, a post-apocalyptic Aftermath DLC with Scavenger mode, and some of the biggest maps in the series including Bandar Desert from Armored Kill. 

Battlefield is finally returning to more modern times with 2042 and fans are very excited to see what influences it draws from the series. Six remastered maps are now confirmed to be in the game in the newly announced Portal creative mode. Battlefield 2042 betas are expected this September with a full release on October 15 for some preorder editions and a general release on October 22.