Battlefield 2042 – Even More Things To Know

Battlefield 2042 details cross-play and progression, robot dog jeep stuff, call-in tablets, AI Soldiers, unique specialist gadgets, a watered-down class system, so many rocket launchers, the lack of some playable interior spaces, and teases for EA Play Live happening soon.

Battlefield 2042 is about to release a ton of information at EA Play Live, but don’t tell that to DICE community managers who tracked down Daniel Berlin, Senior Design Director to answered a lot of questions ahead of time in a massive blog post.

We now have confirmed details about many different aspects of the game. There will be cross-play and progression, both of which are being tested later this summer. We learned about the robot dog, whose name is Ranger, and how it will follow you and protect you with its life. We learned that players use call-in tablets to bring vehicles down mid-battle and also that the system is limited by team points that vary based on map and mode. There were details around how AI soldiers will fill or balance matches. AI soldiers will also do many of the same tasks as players but can’t be specialists. It was confirmed that Sundance’s wingsuit is a unique piece of gear and nobody else gets one. We learned about the new loadout system where anyone can make a choice between carrying a rocket launcher or bringing items such as ammo or health packs. Finally, we got more details on maps such as out of bounds being expanded, skyscrapers not having much in the way of interior spaces, and penguins being confirmed on the Breakaway Map.

Battlefield 2042 releases October 15 or 22, depending on which version you get, and makes a lot of changes to the formula, such as a new specialist system, larger maps, a freeform weapons system, a revamped Conquest mode with sectors, storms such as tornadoes, map-altering events like rocket launches, and a massive 128 player count. Up next, we are expecting to learn about the not-battle-royale Hazard Zone mode, remastered classic maps, and what the newly branded Ripple Effect studio, formerly DICE LA, is making.