PS5 And Xbox’s Big Reveals At Game Awards 2020

At this year’s Game Awards, we got a sneak peek at upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X games like the Perfect Dark reboot, The Callisto Protocol, and a brand new Mass Effect. The Generation Next gang talk about their favorites.

The Game Awards 2020 featured a ton of announcements, ranging from world premiers of new games to gameplay teasers for already anticipated titles. And plenty of those announcements had to deal with games coming to Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.

On this episode of Generation Next, Lucy, Jordan, and Tamoor provide their immediate reactions to what went down at The Game Awards. The trio also talk through their respective impressions of the show as a whole and how it has contributed to the conversation surrounding the new generation of consoles–from the reveal of Xbox Series X to the advertisement of upcoming AAA titles and indie titles coming exclusively to the new consoles in 2021 and beyond, including The Callisto Protocol and Perfect Dark.

Generation Next is a weekly video series focused on discussing Xbox Series X|S and PS5. Sometimes that means sitting down for a serious discussion and other times that means mixing in some good points among lots of silly bants. It’s usually the latter.

00:00 – Intro
00:28 – No Elden Ring at the Game Awards
01:29 – Perfect Dark announced for Xbox and PC from The Initiative
06:21 – The Callisto Protocol announced for 2022. Set in the PUBG universe?
08:57 – Ark 2 announced with Vin Diesel
11:03 – Halo Infinite delayed to Fall 2021 and Craig explained
13:03 – New Mass Effect announced
15:50 – Returnal release date revealed, but no God of War or Horizon Forbidden West
17:41 – Outro