Players can:

· Recover various artefacts and items from the seabed and complete missions based on their recovery.

· Choose to undertake the missions or to simply explore, admire and learn about the sheer majesty and scale of the doomed vessel.

· Check out all hidden passageways and areas inside the wreck.

· Navigate around and inside the wreck using their submersible and ROV, completing missions such as rescuing a lost ROV, creating a photo mosaic, placing research equipment, and working with a world-famous Director.

· Clean and preserve recovered artefacts, upgrade the ROV, and learn all there is to know about this awe-inspiring wreck.

IVRE has been praised for the game’s intricate and authentic build and design process. Some highlights from the project include:

· It is the largest animated virtual cast of characters ever based on real people inside a single VR experience.

· It took more than 8,800 working hours to create
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