STEALING MILLIONS from the VIRTUAL REALITY BANK! – Westard Gameplay – HTC Vive VR Gameplay

Welcome to Westard VR! Westard VR is a virtual reality game set in the old west. Use your weapons to rob banks and trains!

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Westard VR gameplay overview:

Welcome to Westard VR!

Get ready to heist banks and rob trains solo or in co-op with friends! Take it to the western streets to decide who controls the town in pvp multiplayer modes.

Key Features
Sneak into a bank and pick a lock or blow up the entire vault wall to pieces! Take friends with you or do it solo, but prepare to fight waves of guards in single-player and multiplayer co-op missions.
Take the fight to the western town streets in multiplayer PvP modes:
Robbery: Collect money by taking down other players and stealing loot from banks!
Classic deathmatch
Manual weapon handling and loading
You only have five bullets in your Single-Action Revolver before needing to take cover and load! And remember to draw the hammer to fully cocked position!
Touchpad movement
Comfort mode: Touchpad movement, but you control your “ghost” in 3rd person before teleporting to its location

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Download Westard VR on Steam:

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